Sunday, October 21, 2007

A New Idea

Since my department at work will be consolidated down to Florida at the end of the year, I've been having all sorts of wacky ideas about what to do with myself starting in January, especially since I get severance pay that will tide me over for a little bit.

My latest idea, that is growing more and more attractive to me, is to go to Colombia for 2 months and really immerse myself in Spanish! I've been studying with my Rocket Spanish mp3's and learning quite a lot, and I understand more and more each week, but I think total immersion would really get me pretty fluent pretty quickly. Plus I'd escape some of the worst part of Iowa winter. Wheeee! And being fluent in Spanish would be a good thing to put on my resume. Even if I don't get a job that requires it, I'll still use it. It would be nice to really talk with G's family.

We're going down for Thanksgiving, for Guri Guri's wedding, so that will be a good time for me to "feel it out" and make sure I'm really up for it. But really, when else in my life will I have the time to do this? It seems like a good idea. A little scary, but exciting!