Saturday, January 31, 2004

My first full day in Colombia!
I don't know how often I'll get to update this, but I thought a spot where everyone could come to read, and where I could keep a travel journal of sorts would be cool!

We managed to get an earlier flight from Miami to here, so we totally suprised his fam, even his sisters who knew we were coming today. It was sooo great to see how happy they were, and how much they love him...

We took a 'short-cut' from the airport through the poor part of the city to his apartment. crazy. bad roads, tons of people everywhere, bars and grates on all the windows. but pretty, decorative ones for the most part. If you gotta have bars, they might as well be pretty! and there doesn't seem to be much distinction between house and street, other than the gates and walls... and it's so hot, everyone has their windows and doors open, so you can see right in to everything... I didn't feel scared really though, just like a lot of new gears were forming and clicking in my brain as I took it all in...

I don't think I brought the right clothes exactly to fit in here... all the girls seem to wear tight pants and little skirts... sigh. Not like I blend in really anyway, but I thought I might be able to try. heh heh.

I'm doing ok with communicating. His family is trying to speak slowly for me, and practicing their English too, and I think I'll pick up a LOT while I'm here.

well, only a few minutes left at the internet cafe, and I want to get this address out to people.